Since our foundation the Pica Design product range has been continuously expanded and developed during the 30 years of our company history. Many of our over 200 designs have won awards and accolades throughout the years. As success grew, so did Pica. The company kept increasing its space and personnel. With the decision to stop buying in wooden packaging, and instead to manufacture it in-house, the way was paved for a major step forward in 2015.

The move to the current production site entailed considerable structural and personnel changes: the development of a new, optimized production structure and a significant increase in our long-standing working relationship with welfare organisations. For us this step meant an ecological reorientation, direct impact on product quality and a shorter timespan between new collections. In addition, we could respond to individual customer requests to
a much greater degree.

Pica – Captivating Design

Company owner and design graduate Susanne Weege is the creative head of the company and has shaped our Pica style from the beginning. Her passion for handmade papers and colours is just as evident in the products as is her fine instinct for pure lines and subdued elegance. Training courses, trade fairs and close contact with customers provide her with a continual source of inspiration for new developments.

Pica Design – Products

Pica Design stands for clean, fine design lines as well as imaginative and innovative solutions. We develop new collections and retain and optimize our existing collections. Although each of our products has a distinctive design, there is something they share: they put the contents centre stage.

Pica Design – Customers

Good communication with our customers is very important to us and we know many of our German and European customers personally. Fascinating discussions at trade fairs have often been the inspiration for new developments. The high percentage of regular customers we have shows the trust placed in our work and products, and this motivates us even further.