How are delivery costs calculated?

For information about delivery costs please visit Shipping costs and information.

Can I also get an inlay with a different format or without a specific format for individual packaging orders?

Since we buy in the foam inlay ourselves, our boxes can, in general, only be delivered with the inserts specified. It would only be feasible to make a different format for large orders.

Why is it not possible to print on all products?

The printing technique is simply not compatible with the external shape of some products. It is only possible to emboss flat surfaces that can withstand high pressure. Organic shapes and our Puks, which have foam rubber on the back, cannot be embossed. Pad printing does not work on the Brilliant series because the ink does not stick to the surface. It is also not possible to print on fastenings

Is every box in the Stone series really made by hand?

Each stone is indeed formed using more than 10 layers of paper. After drying, the paper is cut open at its widest point and the mould taken out. The cut is glued over with more paper and the lid is formed from a slightly larger mould so that it fits perfectly.

Can I get the Smartys in just one colour?

There are some items in our range which, in general, we deliver according to colour, and a mixture of different colours cannot be selected. However, for quantities of 500 items or more and a lead time of at least 3 - 4 months, we can make exceptions. Do contact us to discuss.

How are rings attached to the acrylic cubes?

Remove the top magnet, then fix the ring band between the magnet embedded in the acrylic and the top magnet. Please note: The ring surface has to be flat, this does not work with cambered rings.

Can I also use my own paper for the magnetic displays?

Every paper or photo creates a completely new look in the window. Your own texts or images of sand, concrete, pebbles etc. can be printed out and cut to the appropriate format. It’s worth experimenting a bit…

What kind of bow is best for closing the paper bags?

A simple knot, as shown in the catalogue, looks best. Please don’t pull too tight though, otherwise it will be too fiddly when opening.

Do I need the short or the long fastener for universal boxes?

The short fastener is fine for universal boxes.

What does “sophisticated” fastening mean for the Duo bag?

The grip straps run through discreet, little tubes. By moving these tubes, the bags can be opened or closed tightly so that the contents are protected from falling out.

Is there an ecological alternative to foam inserts?

Unfortunately, we haven't found a more ecological alternative that equals the elegance, flexibility and elasticity of the flocked foam inserts. However, we are following developments very closely.

Is the YaYa series more for packaging or decoration?

YaYa is both for decoration as well as packaging. For example, just a single ring for a special occasion could be packed in such a way that all the boxes have to be opened until the ring is found in the smallest box. Excitement and suspense at its best...

What are the delivery times for custom-made products?

Unfortunately, there is no general answer to this. We look forward to receiving your specific requirements.

Where do you get the material for the wooden boxes from?

We source all our materials from Europe. The components are assembled by the German company Hobb in Bad Bentheim.

Can I also order samples?

Yes, we send single series samples free of charge. If the value of the samples exceeds 10 euros, then they will be invoiced.