The impact of a piece of jewellery is also determined by how it’s presented. Our high-quality tablets provide a coherent and stylish backdrop for your products. The black HDF is very understated, allowing the jewellery to take centre stage. The tablets are stackable, making them ideal for storage and transport as well. Three different insert options – for necklaces, rings and earrings – and matching lids are also available to order. Tablets are available in two sizes and can be assembled indi­vidually.
Cover for large tablet, 310 x 223 mm
Wood (HDF)310 x 223 mm

From €7.80*
Cover for small tablet, 167 x 167 mm
Wood (HDF)167 x 167 mm

From €3.50*
Tablet large, 301 x 214 x 35 mm
Wooden box (HDF)301 x 214 x 35 mm

From €7.80*
Tablet small, 167 x 167 x 35 mm
Wooden box (HDF)167 x 167 x 35 mm

From €9.00*