Our high-quality TABLETS in the sizes _S (167 x 167 mm) and _L (310 x 223 mm) provide a coherent and stylish backdrop für your products. We have expanded our assortment of the stackable TABLETS to include additional variations featuring distinct subdivisions for your convenience.

As an option, we offer matching lids that provide protection during storage and transport as well as display stands with two possible angles of inclination to ensure that your goods are always attractively and effectively presented.



In our catalogue you will find new and proven products from our current program. Be inspired. Our range contains many options for customisation – we would be pleased to advise you.


Functional, aesthetic and sustainable in every respect – that‘s SWITCH. Made in Germany, this high-quality carrier bag is made entirely of dyed-through, carbon-free paper, including the cord. SWITCH is available in two sizes and various colours, and the adjust­able cord can be used as a short or long handle, depending on your preference. With logo printing, SWITCH is also an effective advertising medium.


Pica has shown the courage to leave a particularly beautiful ”gap“ with the slip lid boxes from the new GAP range. The striking design element of this box is the visible neck, which is made of intensely glossy and uniquely radiant Gmund paper. This packaging promises something even before you open it. The box is produced in-house at Pica and is available in black with a golden or silver gap.


Packaging has a special effect on us. It conveys emotions and also acts as an image maker for your brand. Pica Design has been developing inventive solutions (not only) for jewellery packaging for more than 30 years. Guided by a clear design vocabulary and a commitment to sustainable production, we are now more focussed than ever on eco-friendly materials.

We achieve our high standards of design, quality and sustainability by producing in-house using trained specialists and by collaborating with partners who supply us exclusively. This is how we guarantee transparent supply chains, good working conditions and high production standards. Be inspired.