The GREENBOX offers a clear added value in design, colourfulness, look and feel, and the name says it all: the wooden core of the two-part sliding box is made from HDF produced using eco-friendly methods, which is then covered by recycled paper on both sides. The sleeve of Gmund Bio Cycle grass paper is made from 50 % carefully harvested and dried grasses and is compostable. The luminescent green is produced by adding natural chlorophyll. Inserts of wool felt complete the product.

The clear design vocabulary of this series is ideal for modern jewellery with high standards of styling and sustainability.


In our catalogue you will find new and proven products from our current program. Be inspired. Our range contains many options for customisation – we would be pleased to advise you.


In English a ’fine line’ is the small, but significant difference between two things. A very good definition for our new sliding boxes: the bright colours of the sleeves create an exciting contrast between the outer part and the core of the box. The sleeves come in five different colours and encase the core of black HDF, which is covered in recycled paper. Our new wool felt inserts ensure safe storage and outstanding presentation.


The impact of a piece of jewellery is also determined by how it’s presented.

Our high-quality tablets provide a coherent and stylish backdrop for your products. The black HDF is very understated, allowing the jewellery to take centre stage. The tablets are stackable, making them ideal for storage and transport as well.

Three different insert options – for necklaces, rings and earrings – and matching lids are also available to order. Tablets are available in two sizes and can be assembled indi­vidually.


Packaging has a special effect on us. It conveys emotions and also acts as an image maker for your brand. Pica Design has been developing inventive solutions (not only) for jewellery packaging for more than 30 years. Guided by a clear design vocabulary and a commitment to sustainable production, we are now more focussed than ever on eco-friendly materials.

We achieve our high standards of design, quality and sustainability by producing in-house using trained specialists and by collaborating with partners who supply us exclusively. This is how we guarantee transparent supply chains, good working conditions and high production standards. Be inspired.